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« Rather than showing holidaymakers, saturated motorways, campsites, hotels, station halls, airports, trains, seaside resorts, ski slopes hiking trails, Benoît Didier invites us into a world where the human disappeared. They reside only in traces or memories. 

His photographs evoke places of leisure in the very process. The practice of amateur photography developed with this social revolution. It was the first marker of the development of vacationing. Every holidaymaker likes to take photos of his or her vacation spot. In addition, Benoît Didier’s photographs show a number of places that have developed particularly with the democratization of cultural practices and the development of free time.

Benoît Didier has captured places that seem to be waiting for nothing no human presence, no activity or activity. The selected interiors an ambiance or a real atmosphere, something cinematic something cinematic, a world in reduced, as if transformed into a model. » 


Nicolas Surlapierre, Curator of the Besançon Museums.